Carrie Underwood Reveals Close-Up Of Her Scar, Internet Goes Bananas

A woman with her hand on her face

Yesterday, Carrie Underwood showed her scar up close for the first time in a selfie she posted on Instagram.

It was a matter of time before the trolls came out to play. Underwood has been very transparent about the accident that resulted in the scar, but the internet does what the internet does. Comments were mostly positive, but many had to step in to defend Carrie, saying things like…

Haters that’s a scar from her accident NOT a scar from lip injections. #hatersgoingtohate


First, who are you all to talk about a person you don’t know. Second, her lips aren’t injected with anything, she’s pursing them out to enhance them in the picture. Third, her scar is her scar – we all have them – internally and externally. Lastly, why are you all so critical of a woman who is ruling the country music world – goes to show how insecure people really are with themselves. Anyway, @carrieunderwood, you do you, girl. I think you’re perfect!

It’s great to have Carrie back. She’s one of the best country music has ever seen. Check out the colorful photo below.

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