“I Disappointed My Dad… He Was Never There,” Says Dale Earnhardt Jr. In Tearful Interview

This hurts to watch.

In an extremely candid, and tearful interview, with Graham Bensinger, NASCAR’s Dale Jr. opens up about his relationship with his father, NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. Ultimately, after a childhood of disappointment, Dale confessed that the only reason he got into racing was to earn his father’s love.

“We didn’t really have a relationship… the only reason I raced was to get closer to my dad. Nothing I did would register with him.”

Also, Dale Jr. tearfully confessed that for a large part of his childhood, Dale Sr. simply wasn’t there.

“He missed graduation, I played soccer in high school and he never seen a game, but missing my graduation, I was really disappointed in that. Dad wasn’t there, they were racing somewhere.”

Watch the full, heartbreaking, interview below.

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