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Ski Jacket With Built-In Cooler Secretly Holds 12 Beers (And Keeps Them Ice Cold)

Where this this been all my life?

Of all the different types of beers out there, and there’s a ton; shower beers, airplane beers, lunch beers, etc… an ice cold lift soda might be one of my absolute favorites.

Imagine it’s about 10:00am, you and all your friends just had a slightly boozy brunch before your annual ski trip vacation kicks off. You’re suited up and you sit down on that first lift of the day. Right as you reach maximum height on the lift, you hear that beautiful crack of a cold Coors Light and the carbonation tickles your nose a bit. You take a sip and savor that sweet nectar as you stare out at the pinnacle of God’s creation, the Rocky Mountains. You taste the Rockies, you shred the Rockies. Now imagine that same feeling 11 more times because that’s how many cold Coors Lights your kick-ass new ski jacket secretly holds.

That’s good clean living people.

The folks at Coors Light and 686 Clothing joined forces and created this work of art, affectionately named “The Sixer.” Don’t worry though, this bad boy holds more than six cold Coors Lights, in fact, you can discretely fit about 12 beers in there, all while keeping you warm and the beers cold. And, now on sale for only $200 bucks, this is an absolute steal considering all the money you’ll save when you stop buying those overpriced lodge beers.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock