Jessie James Decker Faces Backlash From Drinking Wine While Breastfeeding Photo

Jessie James Decker lying on a bed

Don’t you love the internet?

Jessie James Decker had the trolls come out when she shared a photo drinking wine while breastfeeding. “Why are you drinking while feeding your child?” someone commented. “Disgusting.” “Unfollowed.”

Decker responded to he backlash, and comments from her post to People saying:

“I honestly feel like I’m the voice of all the moms. I definitely feel like they get heat for certain things. I know I’m a great mother, there’s not one doubt in my mind. I know that I take care of my babies, I know that they feel loved and they feel happy. I don’t have nannies; I take care of my children.”

“So if I want to have a cocktail to celebrate my husband doing something great in his work, I’m going to, and I can still breastfeed.”

Many experts agree that you’re fine to have a drink while breastfeeding, but keep it to a minimum.

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