College Girl Gets Internet Famous Thanks To Her Cowboy Boot “Wallet”

A red and white box in a bag

The internet is a strange place.

One minute your Twitter feed is full of puppy videos, the next political bullshit, the next a genius redneck cowboy boot hack to hold your money/cards while at the tailgate, game, or concert.

Twitter user @CaitlinDenman shared the following image that went viral…

A black coffee maker on a counter

I’m not exactly sure what that little holder is, but it appears to be some little dinky card-holder kind of thing. She then glued (I think) this thing to the inside of her boot. Now, you have a wallet, and don’t need to carry anything. Problems solved. So many problems solved. Slick move, Caitlin.

So far, she has almost 22,000 likes on the tweet. Now, go convert your boots.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock