Cody Jinks: “F*ck Nashville, We’ll Start Our Own Club”

Why do people call Cody Jinks a modern-day outlaw? This is why.

At a recent show in Peoria, Illinois, Cody sounded off on the state of country music, particularly, the Nashville corporate music machine. As one of the most successful independent artists in country music in recent years, Cody has proved that you don’t need to be part of the Nashville scene to be successful. You just have to make damn good country music.

“Ain’t this shit fun? See this is shit you used to see back in the 70’s when all those motherfuckers were out there singing and playing together, playing and singing and recording each other’s songs. We’re bringing that back! We said ‘Fuck Nashville, we’ll start our own goddamn club.’”

If artists like Cody, Tyler Childers, and Sturgill Simpson have proved anything, it’s that they sure as shit don’t need Nashville.

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