Guy Posts Desperate, Funny, Slightly Creepy Craigslist Ad Looking For A Date To Luke Combs Concert

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Craigslist is a fucking gold mine.

Subreddits like Sad Cringe and Delusional Craigslist are great for digging up some of the comical Craigslist content we’ve posted in the past (read here), but this latest one takes the cake. It has everything you’re looking for in a great Craigslist story… desperation, comedy, little bit of creep factor.

The poor fellow has a couple Luke Combs tickets (which I found funny because Jason Aldean is the headliner), but young David here wasn’t worried about Jason, he was worried about finding a “female companion” to go with him. Posting an ad to Craigslist might not be the absolute worst way to go about it, but it’s definitely top 3. The best part? He made a pros and cons list to try and convince his prospects:

– Free country concert
– Free beer or alcoholic beverages of your choice
– I’ll pay for your ride there and back
– It’s a concert so you don’t have to talk to me that much
– Potential for long lasting friendship/concert buddies
– It’s pretty much the last country show of the summer
– I won’t wear my Walmart cowboy hat like a goober
– If nothing else you’ll have a good story
– Luke fucking Combs!

– Lawn seats (I’ll bring a big blanket to sit on)
– We’re complete strangers… it’s weird, I know.
– As I mentioned before, mildly average looking at best
– It’s a Thursday, you probably have to work on Friday morning

Shooters shoot, amirite?

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