World’s First Beer Hotel Features In-Room Taps, Built-In Shower Beer Fridge & IPA Hot Tubs

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You had me at “shower beer.”

In the Airbnb era, I rarely even check into a hotel anymore. Most of them are over-priced dogshit with nothing more than a sorry excuse for a continental breakfast, but finally, there is a hotel just outside of Columbus, Ohio, that is definitely worth the price of admission. I know what you’re thinking, “Wes, why would I want to go to Columbus, Ohio?” Good question. This is why.

BrewDog USA is only days away from opening what they called the “world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel.” BrewDog says the “Doghouse” is the first of its kind, offering guests a night’s stay inside the brewery. Guests will be able to watch the brewers at work from rooms complete with beer taps, built-in shower beer fridges, IPA filled hot tubs, beer-focused spa treatments, a museum, and more, all overlooking the brew-facility.

The Ritz-Carlton ain’t got shit on this. Excuse me while I go book a flight to Ohio…

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A beer bottle on a dock