World’s Funniest Burglar Breaks In To Rearrange Taxidermied Animals

A dog with a mask on its head

This is just weird.

According to WCMH-TV, an Ohio woman reported a recent break-in to a house that she was remodeling. When she came to the house, she saw a window propped open and that her “stuffed animals” had been moved around. This wasn’t just any regular break-in though.

Things stolen include some money, a jar, and a speaker system, but many valuables were left untouched, including guitars, tools and a laptop. It appears that the burglar was more interested in the taxidermied animals around the house. They moved a deer head, a boar head, and took a beer from the fridge to put it in a raccoon’s hands.

Police say the beer was still cold when they began their investigation, suggesting that the incidence happened shortly before the home owner arrived. Given the available information and the odd situation, they are suspecting this may be personal.

Honestly, I feel like they just wasted a Bud Light. Had they not stolen anything, this is an A+ quality prank.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock