Florida Man Blacks Out On Beer Run, Chases People Through Liquor Store With Large Alligator

This is soooo Florida.

According to reports, (and his own confession) Robbie Stratton chased people through his local liquor store with what appears to be a 5-foot gator under his arm. The man has no recollection of the incident and no clue where the alligator came from.

“This store sells some good liquor and I drank a lot of it that night.”

I love this guy.

When I black out, I usually wake up on my bedroom floor, clothes from last night still on, and a bag of McDonald’s sprawled out all over the place. If I’m lucky, there’s still an extra McChicken hiding in the bag. I’ll eat that thing cold. I don’t care. That’s best case scenario.

This guy blacks out, finds an alligator and goes running through the liquor store, terrorizing people with said giant alligator.

Now don’t get me wrong, finding an alligator in Florida is like finding a needle in a needlestack, but still, I’d go to jail for a couple days for a story like that.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock