If You Do Tequila Shots With Salt & Lime, You’re Doing Them Wrong

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As a peruse the interwebs on the daily, I constantly am on the lookout for ways to improve my quality of life. How can I be my best self?

Esquire is one of those sites I frequent, mostly just to window shop in the sense that tuxedos and fancy restaurants aren’t really quite my forte, plus I did do two years of law school and almost earned the noble “esquire” title, but if you actually call yourself an “esquire,” you’re probably a huge asshole. Probably… I don’t know, I digress…

Point is, I came across this article about drinking tequila and I have to say I sucks to find out that you’ve been doing something wrong the whole time. Like when I figured out how you’re supposed to peel a banana. Everyone grabs at the handle/stem, but that’s wrong. If you watch a monkey, and they’re experts, they peel from the bottom and then you can actually hold it by the handle. My banana eating life has never been the same….

Anyway, I wouldn’t quite call myself a connoisseur, but I can appreciate a good sipping tequila. George Strait? Great tequila man. George Clooney? Also great tequila man. They make really good tequila, but on the other hand, I can also appreciate a good clear, well tequila with salt and lime… perfect for shots right? Wrong.

According to the fine folks at Esquire, chili powder (they recommend Tajin Classic Seasoning) and and orange slice with rock your tequila-loving socks right off your feet. Mind blown, right?

Good thing it’s Thirsty Thursday and 2 for 1 tacos at the local watering hole. I’m going to get to the bottom of this once and for all. Stay tuned, follow up blog to come…

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