Guy Breaks Up With Girlfriend Because She Buys Them Kane Brown Tickets

God Bless the internet.

As I was browsing around, I stumbled upon an interesting headline: guy breaks up with girl after a month of dating because of her taste in music.

Other than that caption and four photos, there wasn’t a ton of info on this when posted to Imgur. The four photos showed a girlfriend and boyfriend, apparently only dating for a month, getting into it about concert tickets the girlfriend bought the boyfriend. The guy is an asshole, and admittedly petty.

What does he get so angry about? Her buying them Kane Brown tickets. Follow along with this roller coaster text convo below…

A breakdown:

1. The guy is not a fan of Kane Brown.

2. The guy clearly was looking to end this short dating fling.

3. The guy is a dick.

Ladies – how would you handle this guy? Also, is someone not liking the music you like a deal-breaker?

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