Cody Johnson GOES OFF: “If That’s A Woman They Picked Up Off The Ground, Y’all Beat His A** In The Parking Lot”

Cody Johnson is a stud. He just became the first unsigned artist to ever sell out NRG Stadium at RodeoHouston, and he’s also a no-bullshit kind of guy. So when a fight broke out during a recent show at Coyote Joe’s in Charlotte, he let the ass-hats hear it.

“I’ve had a bad day too, I’ve been wanting to slap the shit out of somebody all day long…”

“And if that’s a woman they just picked up off the ground, y’all beat his ass in the parking lot.”

I love this guy. The music if top-notch, and shit like this just makes you root for him even more.

DAMN RIGHT. Get the shirt here.

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A beer bottle on a dock