28 Things Girls Can Do That Immediately Make A Guy’s Heart Melt

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I expect the guys to do a lot of the heavy lifting with this type of stuff, but they deserve the lovin’ too.

28 guys were asked“what are some romantic gestures that girls do that completely melt your heart?” Here were their responses…

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1. One time I told a girl I liked red plum jelly. Next time I stayed over she had red plum jelly in the fridge. Honestly, guys like anything that shows that you care. We are very emotionally isolated most of the time.

2. I’m legally blind in my right eye and one girl I was dating always made a point to get seats on the right side of theaters so that I’d be able to see everything without turning my head. Really simple but it blew me away when I caught on to her.

3. This might sound pretty minor, but whenever I speak to a girl sitting adjacent to me, if she turns her body around to directly face me, I always have to take a moment to pause and catch my wording. I’m probably looking too into it, but I can’t help but feel that means they genuinely care about what I have to say.

4. I feel warm & loved when my wife comes up behind me and kisses me on the back. I can’t explain. It’s not sexual. It’s just awesome.

5. Being complimented! Just out of nowhere, hearing something that they appreciate about me lets me know that 1) they are thinking about me and 2) that they are putting value on my actions and felt inclined to let me know about it. It just makes my day to hear.

6. When she runs her hand through my hair.

7. I’ve found myself in a streak of being the only person putting effort into dating situations I’m involved in. So, for me, it’s simple things. Effort. Initiative. Communication… Because getting ghosted just sucks.

8. My wife will put toothpaste on my toothbrush when we’re getting ready for bed. It’s the smallest thing but it is super sweet.

9. My wife packs my lunch everyday. When I open it up I get warm and fuzzies because I know she made it for me. I can also tell how she’s feeling by what’s packed. No yogurt usually means that’s she’s stressed, so if I don’t have yogurt I try to pick up more of the shared tasks like laundry or mowing. It could mean that we’re just out of yogurt too, but I try to not go grocery shopping. I’ll go in for yogurt and come out with a 2 lb bag of Skittles instead.

10. When I walk in the room and a get a subtle smile.

11. Random, unsolicited hugs.

12. When she initiates any sort of romantic contact. Maybe a kiss or just gripping me tighter when cuddling and letting out a content sigh.

13. So I’m traveling abroad for work right now, won’t get to see my girl for like six months. She sent me a stack of like 20 letters, each in a different colored envelope. Each one is labeled “Open when you’re happy” or “Open when you’re sad”, “Open when you can’t sleep”, etc. and every one contains like 2-3 pictures of us doing something together, and a letter to suit the situation. It really brings a smile to my face, and makes the distance easier. I love my chick!

14. Effort. Your SO may not know exactly what you want or need, but as long as they try, that feels nice.

15. If I’m driving and we’re just cruising on the highway and I’ve got my left hand on the wheel I just love it when she holds my right.

16. On Valentine’s Day or maybe it was our anniversary, she gave me a deck of cards labelled “52 Things I Love About You”, and each card had some unique little quirk of mine. Half of them were things I didn’t even realize I did. Absolutely melted my heart. We’re not dating anymore, but I still hang onto that deck of cards, even though now it just makes me profoundly sad.

17. Pretend to care about my day. I know it might sound condescending, but I don’t mean it that way. After a 12 hour shift and hour commute each way I just need to talk to somebody, for a minute or two about my job that I know you don’t care about. Simply the attention and a hug can turn any stress around. That alone can mean so much.

18. Anything to let me know you were thinking about me. The smallest gesture or text or whatever. And touching me affectionately, like my arms or shoulders or my hair. I’ll absolutely melt.

19. Back. Scratches.

20. Notes. One time I came home to a note on the microwave saying “DEAD DOVE DO NOT EAT jk it’s pizza”. I’m like, this girl fucking GETS me.

21. If I’m walking with a girl and she does the wrap her arms around my arm walk thing. It makes me feel so strong and amazing. Like I’m there simply to protect her and she feels completely safe with me. I love it.

22. Whisper in my ear. Instant melt. Bonus melt for the content of said whispers.

23. When she buries her face in your chest and asks if you can keep her warm as she kisses your neck.

24. Taking my hand, at an unexpected moment, accompanied by a simple, genuine smile that expresses more than words could possibly say.

25. On days I work before my gf she will get up earlier than usual to make me breakfast and a lunch for the day. It makes a HUGE difference because I am not at all a morning person. I know that may not be “romantic” but it definitely gives me warm fuzzies.

26. Close and emotionally charged hugs. When she buries herself in my chest or neck. Makes me feel all strong and protective and absolutely melts me.

27. When you’re at a club and she pulls an avocado out her pocket and asks if you would like some.

28. She bought me chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Now that might not sound like much, but I was vehement that she really didn’t need to get me anything. I’ve got everything I need. Her, in particular, but I digress.

Anyway, we had made plans for V-day, but I had to work a split shift on short notice. Anyway, I ended up driving 30 mins to meet her for a quick bite at a burrito chain, only to drive 30 minutes back the way I came, and she slides this box of custom chocolates (like really fancy ones) at me, while I’m chit-chatting with her between hurried bites. It was super nice. I was tired, grouchy and dirty and spending 10 minutes with her paired with a thoughtful gift was a really nice thing. at first I thought they were something someone at work gave her (she gets small gifts from the families she works with sometimes) but then I remember thinking ‘these are for you, stupid’. It just really showed she cared.

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