Science Just Proved Why Pickleback Shots Are The New Gatorade

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Great news sports fans.

According to an Insider report, pickle juice might be the best sports recovery fluid.

When you’re busting your ass in the gym, you’re losing fluid and electrolytes. I’m not talking about taking selfies while you stand in the squat rack and do bicep curls like an asshole, I’m talking a good hard workout. When you sweat these fluids out, you get dehydrated. Too dehydrated? Well, that feels like a hangover. It sucks.

A lot of folks drink water or even sports drinks to rehydrate because the glucose and sodium in Gatorade help you absorb fluids quicker, however smart guys that study this stuff have now proved that pickle juice might be the post workout drink your body needs.

“In fact, the brine solution is actually loaded with antioxidants and nutrients,” says health and wellness expert Caleb Backe. “Although it may sound odd, drinking the flavorful green juice may be one of the best post-workout snacks.” Pickle juice can help refuel the body’s potassium and sodium reserves as well as other electrolytes, which is, of course, what your body needs. He explains that while pickle juice isn’t necessarily high in either sodium or potassium, it’s unique in how fast and effectively it can transport its nutrients. And there is an added bonus: Aside from aiding the body with fluid retention, the high levels of sodium also help prevent muscle cramps, he explains.

The whiskey part is just a bonus. You deserve it after a hard workout.

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