Minnesota Sheriff Hits Deer At 114 MPH, Dash Cam Catches EVERYTHING

A Minnesota Sheriff went for a wild ride after responding to an emergency call. While in pursuit, the car reached 114 MPH. It also managed to collide with one very unlucky deer.

The damage is pretty intense, but the Sheriff was able to walk away from the intense crash with minimal injuries. Bambi, not so much. The vehicle’s dash cam caught it alllllll on camera, and it’s insane.

Some Facebookers felt the need to comment on the fact that maybe he shouldn’t have been going that fast. Others responded that he was simply doing his job and that if they were on the other end of the call, they’d be pretty happy he was in a hurry.

One commenter made it a note to mention that if he had been just one mile faster, he probably wouldn’t have hit the deer at all.

Social media trolls…

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