Arizona Horse Ranch For Sale, Rancher Sick Of Fighting Off Aliens With His Samurai Sword

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Anyone who thinks aliens don’t exist should talk to my man down in Arizona.

John Edmonds is selling his 9.67-acre horse ranch because he’s getting tired of fighting the aliens.

Edmonds claims he has slain 19 aliens with samurai swords and he and his wife have endured abduction attempts.

“They actually levitated her out of the bed in the master chamber and carried her into the parking lot and tried to draw her up into the craft,” he told NBC-affiliate KPNX.

Under one image of what appears to be dried blood and a katana, he described the method of destroying the “greys.”

“Unless you cut the head off and disconnect the antennae, so to speak, they instantly ‘phone home.’ Even with a razor-sharp sword, it is nearly impossible to decapitate them with one swing,” he wrote.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

Realtor Kimberly Gero said the reaction from interested buyers has been mixed.

“Some are very intrigued and have no issues with the history of the property, while others are absolutely scared to death about what may or may not happen to them if they should buy it,” she said.

In addition to its paranormal features, the property boasts a ranch house with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a large diving pool.

Edmonds warns prospective buyers to be prepared to live on the ranch.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

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A beer bottle on a dock