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Do NOT Call Jason Aldean a “Coward” For Route 91

I’ve had enough.

I didn’t want to write this post, but now I feel compelled. I need to. I can’t believe some of the shit I’m reading after the Route 91 Harvest shooting.

We’ve done our best to give you guys as much news and stories as possible. As these stories started circulating, I naturally began reading the comments (thousands of them) on our social media pages, and website. The fact people are actually calling Jason Aldean a “coward” is asinine, shocking, and ridiculous.

There are fans of Aldean, among other people, saying Jason should of yelled into the mic that there was an active shooter. Right. OK. Let’s think about this…

Your adrenaline is rushing, you’re on stage in front of tens of thousands of people, it’s a party, it’s loud, you hear something and have no idea what it is. Don’t give me the “what I would of done” because you weren’t there. You can’t imagine being put into that situation, so don’t try to understand. For all Aldean knew, the gunfire was aimed at him and the band. Do you expect Jason to start directing traffic like an elementary school crosswalk? Seriously? Let’s think about that for a second.

One moron actually said in a comment, “He should of given the fans a two minute warning to take cover.” What the fuck does that even mean? How are you even capable of turning on a computer, let alone hit a keyboard you Neanderthal.

TROLLS…I tell ya.

During a press conference with Las Vegas police, a reporter actually asked, “If last night Jason Aldean had managed to say to the crowd ‘take cover’ before he ran offstage, do you think he could have saved lives?”

See it here.

How. Do. You. Have. A. Job. Asking. That. Question.

Jason has kids. A pregnant wife. Let’s reiterate once more for the people out there, HE HAD NO IDEA WHO WAS BEING SHOT AT. If I was him? You just as easily assume the bullets are for you as anyone else. There’s no way of knowing, you can only react. It’s instinct. It’s laughable people talk like they would stand up there with no idea where rapid fire is coming from and start calling out exit locations and tell everyone to remain calm.

Imagine what this guy is going through right now. That’s right, you can’t. He’s forever linked to that evening. Jason screaming into the mic, “RUN! There’s a shooter!” Would of caused a stampede of 20,000+ people. It would not of been a clean exit, the packed crowd would of still remained packed and intact long enough for the shooter, not to mention people being trampled to death.

The keyboard warriors want to pretend to be a cinematic action hero. That’s not real life. This is real life. 58 dead. Another 600 or more injured. Whether you’re a fan of Aldean’s or not is completely irrelevant in this matter. I would normally say, “put yourself in his shoes,” but in this case you can’t. You can’t even imagine being up there as that went down. It’s a reaction. It’s human.

There was only one cowardly act that evening among thousands of heroic ones. That cowardly act came from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay.

Sending my absolute best to all those affected by this tragedy.

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