Carrie Underwood Sued Over “Something In The Water”

Uh oh.

Two Canadian songwriters have filed a lawsuit (read here) alleging copyright infringement against country superstar Carrie Underwood and co-writters Chris DeStefano and Brett James, among others.

The lawsuit claims that Ronald McNeill and Georgia Lyons-Savage composed the chorus, melody and lyrics to “Something in the Water” in August 2012 and pitched the demo on Sept. 25, 2012 to Underwood’s team for her next album. According to the lawsuit, a song by the same name ended up on Underwood’s 2014 “Greatest Hits” album. The two songwriters say the hook of Underwood’s song is lyrically identical to the one they wrote.

McNeill and Lyons-Savage are asking for a jury trial and seeking profits and other damages.

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A beer bottle on a dock