25 People Gave The Most Depressing “Poorest Meal” They Ever Had

Never forget where you came from.

If you’re anything like me, you look back at moments during your childhood and get pretty bummed. However, those tough moments are what created a drive and work ethic. As you’ve grown, and built a life, you can look back at these moments and laugh – find the positives.

That’s what happened during a recent AskReddit thread when 25 people gave the “poorest meal” they’ve ever had to eat. Some of it is super depressing, and at times you might laugh and say to yourself “YUP, been there.” Check it out…

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1. Wiener water soup. Saved the water from boiling wieners for hot dogs. Heated it up later and added some crackers.

2. A nap. When you’re so poor you just go to sleep for dinner.

3. A single cold hotdog (no bun, just dog) and salsa. My dad was dirt poor when I was younger and that’s all he had. Couldn’t even warm up the hotdog because the electricity was shut off.

4. My husband’s grandma told us once about her favorite depression era food; “milk toast”. Make toast, pour milk on top of it to make it soggy, sprinkle of sugar. Like disgusting soggy French toast. She loves it to this day.

5. I used to buy those dried Ramen containers where you just add hot water. There was a time during my 20s when I ate instant Ramen about five times per week for close to a year.

6. Grew up dirt poor in a third world country. There were days when we all we had to eat were tiny balls of rice dipped in salt or fish sauce.

7. In my second year of university I was so broke around Christmas time that I bought bread and 2 packs of hotdogs to eat for 2 weeks so that I could afford enough food for my cat.

8. As a single mom, had some tight times. Times when the kids had canned corn for dinner. Or if we had flour and sugar, I could make “pancakes”. Add water to flour, cook like pancakes and make syrup by adding water to sugar. “Donuts” was another concoction made with flour, water, fried in oil. When we moved to the desert SW, we’d buy rice in bulk and find different ways to make that. After I started working at a convenience store and bring home the expired milk, it was almost like winning the lottery!

9. Spaghetti noodles and butter. I had that for about a week straight until my next paycheck came in. I jazzed it up with a little salt and pepper.

10. 3 year old Saltines and water.

11. My ex wife gambled away our food money for the month the first week of the month. I stole a box of MREs to sustain myself.

12. I was flat broke to the point where I literally didn’t have a penny to my name. I had to make it through 5 more days till my loan installment came in and all I had in the cupboard was pasta and ketchup. So i lived off the most budget pasta bolognese possible for the rest of the week.

13. I used to make one meal on Sunday-usually chicken and rice and then warm up portions of it every night for dinner. Whatever I didn’t eat off my plate, I would just dump back in to the Tupperware dish and warm it up again the next night. Turns out that how you breed salmonella. I got salmonella.

14. A sadwich made with slightly expired bologna, stale white bread and taco bell hot sauce.

15. A hot pocket I found in the garbage.

16. I used to put cheese on toast then microwave it to melt the cheese. That way I could pretend I was eating pizza.

17. Crunching through unboiled ramen cause I had no way to heat water. Probably the saddest and most tasteless meal I’ve ever had.

18. Onion sandwich. I’d cut the onion into a “patty” and add a slice of American cheese. Actually acquired a taste for them and whip one up once and awhile if the wife’s not around.

19. Ibuprofen to get rid of hunger pains.

20. Mayo sandwich or a can of vegetables that’s been sitting in the cabinet for god knows how long.

21. Somehow I only had a packet of ramen dust. Made ramen dust soup.

22. A handful of cilantro.

23. Microwaved hotdog on white bread for a bun.

24. Mustard sandwich.

25. Water.

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