Kip Moore’s “Slowheart” Is The Early Front-Runner For Album Of The Year

What a f*cking record.

We had the pleasure of having Kip Moore on the podcast last week, where he gave a behind the scenes look into some of the songs that made this incredible album. We followed that up with two back to back acoustic performances of the entire record later that night. Between my own listen, Kip’s commentary and watching the live performances, I’m going to confidently call Slowheart an early front runner for album of the year. It’s that good.

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Slowheart is really like the tale of two albums that tell one complete story. In the first half, Kip expresses himself as a lonely road warrior whose rugged life of music has left him with more heartbreak than happiness. “More Girls Like You,” the lead single and current #8 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, is where the album turns the corner towards a new mindset of hope and clarity. While it’s clear that Kip hasn’t quite found a reason to settle down just yet, the latter half of the album opens up the possibility to new things and a new approach to love; a rebirth of Kip Moore if you will. The album finishes up with “Guitar Man,” a powerhouse anthem of the traveling singer that speaks massively to the heart and soul of every dive bar guitar man, but also, to every dreamer trying to grind out their way to happiness. It’s incredible.

All in all, Slowheart is as complete a record as I’ve heard this year. From track one to track thirteen, every song fits in place with the complete narrative of the album, a lost art in the singles era of the music industry. If anything is clear, it’s that as Kip continues to grow as a musician, but more importantly a person, so his music continues to grow as well. When you finally get to hold this record in your hands, you can feel every ounce of passion that went into creating it.

Is it too early to say album of the year? Nah, this is it.

Standout Tracks:

“Plead The Fifth”

“Fast Women”

“Bittersweet Company”


“Guitar Man”

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