Car Crash Survivor Has Powerful Message For Distracted Drivers

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Brad Nace is an everyday guy just like you and me who paid the price for making an everyday mistake. Many of us find ourselves on our phones either talking, checking social media, texting, googling something unimportant or just scrolling through random things because we’re “bored”.

Nace, a traveling salesman, was doing his usual routine of multi tasking while driving. What happened next is a miraculous story that everyone needs to not only read, but learn something from.

The following firsthand account of the incident was posted to Facebook by Nace’s mother in an attempt to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving:

“As a Sales Rep who drives nearly 40K miles a year I have been a distracted driver for the past 12 years. Responding to phone calls, emails, etc is part of my job and for 12 years I have rolled the dice multi-tasking as I travel across the mid-west. This past Wednesday everything changed…

This particular day I was headed down to southern Iowa on my way to visit a customers in Bloomfield and Fairfield. As I traveled west on Hwy 34 just outside of Fairfield I was doing my normal multi-tasking as I drove down the right lane of Hwy going 73 MPH…just another day. The last thing I remember was that I was looking over at my passenger seat for my day planner, and as I glanced back up at the road I saw the back end of a dump truck that seemed like it was 3ft in front of my face, and then impact…that sound will forever stay in my mind. The next few seconds can only be described as surreal as I felt the vehicle spinning and when I opened my eyes I was starring at an air bag and the sun was shinning down on me, as part of the roof had been ripped back. What is nothing short of a miracle, I was able to pull myself out of the vehicle through the windshield and climb down off of the vehicle. I had blood pouring down my head, but I was coherent and walking. The next few minutes were overwhelming to say the least as my mind is trying to make sense what just happened, and consequence of it all. By the grace of God, the result of this horrific crash could not have ended any better. The driver of the truck was uninjured, and after having all of the procedural CT and x-rays at the hospital I was able to walk away with nothing more than a few cuts…nothing short of a miracle.

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After surviving this even I can tell you there is no email, text, etc. that is EVER worth taking your eyes off the road. Distracted driving is a MAJOR problem in our country, we all do it, but we do without processing the danger we are putting ourselves and others on the road in…the “it won’t happen to me mentality”….that’s what I thought until this past Wednesday. You cannot put a price tag on your life, family, and friends and they are WAY more important than email or text…they can wait. So PLEASE use my example to tell your family, friends, coworkers to put the phones away stay focused on the road…I am just blessed and fortunate to even be able to share my story, as it could have had a much different outcome.”

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