5 Important Lessons Every Guy Should Take From Jason Aldean’s “Just Tryin’ To Love Me”

Jason Aldean’s “Just Tryin’ To Love Me” is a song that every guy could learn a thing or two from.

I love this song and the message behind it. From a girl’s perspective, I feel like we’ve all been in this kind of situation. We were the girl who tried to love a guy but unfortunately for the both of you, he wasn’t ready to accept your love and missed his chance. It’s so frustrating but it’s the sad reality of life and relationships. Some guys are simply just too dumb to understand you are just trying to love him.


1. “I thought you were just being a girl. The kind that just wants to change me. Likes to find all my flaws. Thought I had you figured out. I told myself she’s crazy”

Not every girl is out to get you. You thought she was trying to change you when really she was just challenging you…which is what you should want. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t make you want to be a better person.

2. “I pushed and you pulled. Should have just fell into you.”

Don’t be so hard-hearted and set in your ways that you miss the chance to accept the love of a girl wants to give it to you.

3. “But I did what I always do, I always do. Wanted to talk but I walked away.Didn’t want to hear what you had to say. Stupid me, can’t believe I never knew the whole time you were just trying to love me”

This one is so simple, TALK it out. Don’t just run from the problems. Even if you talk and it still doesn’t work out, hopefully, you both could find closure in the conversation and learn from it.

4. “Didn’t think those tears were real. I thought you were just trying to play me. I just stood there and let em fall. You were just loving me after all.”

Don’t be heartless. At some point, you loved her even if you think you don’t anymore you should still care about her. Don’t let her tears fall. Let down your prideful guard and love that girl.

5. “The whole time you were just trying to love me.”

One day you’re going to look back and realize that you let the best girl in the world go. You’re going to realize that you were stupid, hard-hearted, and too fixed in what you thought to be right. If a girl loves you that much, hold onto her because she’s one in a million. 

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