Denny’s New Mascot Looks Like A Big Piece of Poop

Everyone poops.

Denny’s new mascot is supposed to be a breakfast sausage. LOL. Who the fuck is in this meeting and doesn’t tear their rotator cuff from shooting your arm up so fast to speak and to say, “this literally looks like a big piece of shit.”

According to Fox News, the nationwide diner revealed its newest addition to the Denny’s team – a smiling breakfast sausage link with arms and legs, wearing a fedora hat – earlier this summer, and the social media feedback hasn’t been kind. On Twitter, users have been relentlessly taking pot shots at the chain, universally likening the new character to feces. One user indelicately called the mascot “a turd in a fedora.” Another said he reminded them of a “South Park” character, Mr. Hankey – which others agreed. This definitely wasn’t the response Denny’s was looking for when it rolled out the icon, especially following another social media flop back in August when the restaurant was skewered for calling out people who didn’t tip.

Anyways, this is totally a piece of shit in every way. LOOK AT IT! IT’S POOP! I’ll still eat at Denny’s in a pinch.

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A beer bottle on a dock