9 Ways To Customize Your Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots (and boots in general) are obviously a staple in country fashion. From concerts, to work, to Friday nights, they take us everywhere we need to go. Why not make yours stand out from the crowd with a little customization?

Here are 9 creative and one of a kind ways to make sure you get the most of goin’ out with your boots on.

1. Tin Haul Bottoms14-020-007-0251_1

2. A boot bracelet


3. Boho boot belts


4. Throw some paint on ’em


5. List your concerts on the bottom – and keep updating it.


6. Make it yours with a monogram.

 7. Add a boot scarf.

8. Rep your sports team.

9. Turn them into basketball shoes…Or maybe don’t do this…

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