Watch a Plane Fly Through The Eye of Hurricane Irma; It Looks Like A Horror Movie


Here, take ALL my nopes and no chances. Nope. These guys have some BALLS.

In case you’re unaware, NOAA provides a wide range of specialized airborne environmental data collection capabilities vital to understanding the Earth, conserving and managing coastal and marine resources, and protecting lives and property. They just flew through the eye of Hurricane Irma, a category 5 hurricane the size of Ohio.

The tweet with the footage from NOAA Hurricane Hunters read:

Video of a flight through the eye of #Irma on #NOAA42. Flights on both the WP-3D Orion and G-IV #NOAA49 continue. Credit Nick Underwood/NOAA.

Here is the crazy as ALL hell video.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock