15 Guys Hilariously Answer “How Do I Buy an Engagement Ring When I Don’t Know My Girlfriend’s Ring Size?”

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One of the lesser thought of parts of buying an engagement ring is one of the simplest, in theory – how do I find out my girlfriend’s ring size?

Well, 15 guys answered the question: “How the fuck do I buy an engagement ring without knowing my girlfriend’s ring size?” Here were the hilarious responses…

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1. “Stick her finger in your mouth while asleep and hold your lips in that position till you find the time to visit a jeweler…”

2. “Husband measured my finger with a piece if string while I slept. I sleep like the dead tho.”

3. “A buddy of mine was about to get engaged and I was planning on asking a few months later and I brought it up in conversation. ‘JP doesn’t know what ring size Jess is… he thinks she’s a 9, does that make sense? What size are you?'”

4. “Some stores can give you a loaner ring to propose with (usually a nice-looking but non-precious mockup of the ring you wanted), and then you can both come in and they’ll size her for the actual one.”

5. “Give her your size, ball’s in her court now.”

6. “Put some clay in your bum and next time she fingers you, you’re solid.”

7. “Measure an existing ring (there are printable ring sizers online) I used Jared who had a one-time fee for basically unlimited inspections and resizing, which I ended up using because the option above ended up being wrong.”

8. “When she was asleep I traced the inside circumference of the ring on a kroger receipt. Doesn’t have to be a kroger receipt, can be any receipt. It was on the opposite hand though, still needed to be resized, but just the slightest bit.”

9. “Is it weird that my wife told me what size her ring finger was and what style of engagement ring she wanted within 3 days of knowing her?”

10. “Here’s how I did it: We had talked about getting married, and had looked at rings. I got an idea of what she wanted and her ring size. I then went – by myself – to order the ring. She knew I was going to propose. She didn’t know when. I had time (couple of months) to save up money to buy the ring, and when I proposed it was still a surprise.”

11. “A slightly more risky approach, is to take one of her rings to the jewelry store so they can size it, and hope she doesn’t notice it’s missing. Good luck!”

12. “I took my (then) girlfriend to lunch near a jewelry shop I knew about. We went for a walk after lunch and stopped by. I told her I wanted to get my mom something. We went inside and I found the ugliest ring and said “What if I proposed to you with this ring?” knowing she would hate it. I then put it on her ring finger “as a joke” (took a couple different ones) and noted the size of the one that fit. This was also a few years before I pulled the trigger. But two tricks at play: Planning ahead so she wouldn’t think anything of it and Picking an ugly ring so it looks like a joke.”

13. “If she has any rings she currently wears, slip it onto your finger and take note of where it stops. Go to a jeweler and ask them to size the spot where her ring stopped on your finger. That’s how I did it with my wife’s engagement ring anyway.”

14. “Take a ring that she owns. Get a bar soap and leave an imprint of the ring on it. Return ring to original spot. Take it to a ring shop to get it measured. Shop away.”

15. “Ask her ring size.”

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