Taylor Swift Drops Another New Song, “…Ready For It?” Where She…Raps

Taylor Swift has come an awfully long way from her humble country roots. I myself owned her first 3 albums and loved them. I even wanted that little heart shaped tattoo she had on her foot when she was 17. I wanted her hair, her style, her life, her everything.

Now, fame has totally taken over and Taylor isn’t the little girl from Pennsylvania anymore. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. These artists are always forced under a microscope in both their work and their personal lives and there’s always an intense pressure to be ‘different’ and ‘set yourself apart’. There’s also an expectation to stay true to your fans and the sound they fell in love with. Honestly, that sounds hard as hell, so I can totally sympathize with the fact that a lot of stars struggle with finding themselves and their own true sound.

Taylor Swift’s latest album “reputation” has received a lot of backlash and hate, mainly brought on by her new, edgy sound and style. Before we start jumping on the hate bandwagon, let’s just remember theres a person under there too. But as for the music (which is what this is really all about), what do you think of her new sound?

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A beer bottle on a dock