Iowa Fans Just Started The Coolest Tradition Football Has Ever Seen

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There is plenty of buzz surrounding the first successful (for some) weekend of college football. There’s the QB situation coming out of Florida State, the question of who can upset Alabama, an impressive upset by Howard, led by Cam Newton’s younger brother.

But possibly the best, most heartwarming story is coming out of Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. It has nothing to do with the hawks win over Wyoming and their impressive QB. It doesn’t have anything to do with their traditionally strong defense or the traditionally rowdy tailgates going on on Melrose.

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In fact, it has everything to do with a brand new tradition that began on Saturday. “The Wave” is a well known stadium event, but Iowa fans decided to put their own spin on it. After the 1st quarter, fans stood up, turned and directed their attention to the beautiful new Stead Family Children’s Hospital that overlooks Kinnick. Specifically, they focused on the windows of the top floor, where children battling illnesses sat with their families to watch some Hawkeye football.

The movement began this summer on social media, as an idea that quickly went viral. The University stepped in and made it happen, beginning what some on television and social media are calling “the greatest tradition in any sport, ever.” Watching these families and their kiddos experience it for the first time will show you why.

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A beer bottle on a dock