New Adidas Shoes Will Protect Your Feet From Beer and Puke During Oktoberfest

I like it, I like it. I hate puking on my shoes.

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According to Eater, the folks at Adidas have create a $240 pair of shoes that protects your feet from puke and beer. I need this, just in general, actually. The shoes were created for Oktoberfest but I think a lot of us out here need them.

Eater mentions, “A lot of bad stuff can happen amidst the revelry, so these nifty shoes have special DPBR coating — that acronym stands for “durable puke and beer repellent.” The shoes also have an exterior design that channels classic lederhosen, and the interior looks like red-and-white beer hall tablecloths.”

Getchya some. Nothing worst than puking on your feet.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock