Shower Whiskey Makes You Healthier and More Creative

A gorilla drinking beer

Shower beers.

Back in 2015 we were the first media outlet to write about it, it went mega-viral, having people rally behind a hobby many didn’t talk about.

But, shower beers are so 2015 now. The world is a messier place, and the world needs a real drink. We need a real drink. That’s where having a shower whiskey comes in…

Here are 17 reasons drinking whiskey in the shower is the new thing. It should be your new favorite hobby, like now…

17. They say taking a shower increases serotonin in the brain (mood booster). They also say a nice whiskey buzz does the same. They also say a few drinks makes you more creative. Guess what happens when you do the both of them together???? Magic…

16. Because of this, you’ll get some good thinking done. Actually you’ll probably figure out your life.

15. You immediately become cultured AF.

14. It’s just a very American thing to do.

13. You’re not about trends, or rules.

12. Neat, one ice cube, it doesn’t matter. It just tastes better in there.

11. It’s the perfect pregame.

10. And, never has “kill two birds with one stone” made more sense.

9. You’re drinking whiskey naked and not getting arrested for it.

8. You’ve never been as relaxed as a shower whiskey will do.

7. It shows you mean business and value your time.

6. If you drink so much you need to pee it’s OK, just go right there, no biggie.

5. If a little water accidentally gets in there, it’s all good. A little water in whiskey sometimes helps bring out the deep flavors and aromas.

4. Whiskey has ZERO carbs.

3. I repeat ZERO carbs.

2. Get clean, don’t gain weight, and get drunk all at once? Yeah.

1. Life simply can’t get better.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock