Texas Man Brilliantly Uses Inflatable Dam To Save House From Flood


Never heard of an AquaDam? Don’t worry, I hadn’t  either until a fella by the name of Randy Wagner put one up to protect his Rosharon, TX (right near Houston) home during a bad flood last year.

Now, according to the Star-Telegram, the giant water-filled barriers that can be erected to protect homes and businesses from flooding, are in demand by emergency crews dealing with Tropical Storm Harvey.

The state of Texas has contracted with Gulf Coast AquaDams to construct 7 miles of cofferdam barriers along I-10 in Houston to open up the interstate for emergency vehicle transportation, said Larry Campisi, president of the Abbeville, La., company and a distant cousin of the Dallas restaurant Campisis.

Last year with Wagner, the waters rose to 27 inches around Randy Wagner’s home but never made it past the portable dam he put up for protection, according to a report at the time. With the flooding from Harvey at a level we’ve never seen, AquaDams are back in the news (unfortunately) and in high demand.

Check out the video below showing the incredible invention in work, last year, right near Houston. Pretty remarkable. Let’s hope this can salvage some properties.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock