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Couple In Their 80’s Defines “Relationship Goals,” Visits Every Cracker Barrel in America

God bless Cracker Barrel and this couple…

This is what you call “relationship goals.” That couple bragging on Instagram about their trip to Turks and Caicos can shove it up their ass.

THIS right here is what love is made of.

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An elderly couple out of Indiana, Ray and Wilma Yoder, just completed their goal of visiting every single Cracker Barrel in America. They just hit up their 645th location in Portland. That’s right, 645.

“For little farm kids, it’s been very exciting for us,” Ray, 80, told PEOPLE of all the attention on their 40-year mission. “We really have enjoyed it but we didn’t do it to come to this type of ending the way it is now. Everybody has a hobby and that’s what we chose to do. We call it our home away from home and it just fit our plan and schedule very well.”

The pair spent their days on the road delivering RVs to dealerships and buyers, and looked forward to their stops at the chain restaurant. “We made our living on the highway for about 30 years so it was convenient for us to do this,” said Ray. “It took the boredom out of the job on the highway.”

These days you keep hearing the kids talk about “goals” this and that, when in reality the Yoders are over here making us all look like incompetent fools. Congrats to these two.

* photo via Cracker Barrel

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