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The Ultimate Fall Bucket List: 25 Fun (Kinda Basic) Things To Do With Your Best Friends This Fall

Try and complete every one.

We can all agree that fall is the perfect season. It encompasses sweater weather, warm cider, and football season. It also is a perfect time to spend time with your greatest friends. You may not realize it, but fall is the best season to cross off a bunch of stuff on your bucket list, so why not do it with your girls?

Here are 25 things to add to your fall bucket list…

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1. Go to a haunted house.

2. Carve pumpkins.

3. Plan a group Halloween costume.

4. Go hunting.

5. Go to a professional football game.

6. Or baseball. Fly the W.

7. Pumpkin patch photoshoot, it’s a must.

8. Have a Halloween movie marathon.

9. Host a bonfire.

10. Go to a drive-in movie.

11. Take a road trip.

12. Go to as many concerts as possible.

13. Tailgate a college football game.

14. Make fresh apple cider and spike it.

15. Go to each other’s family Thanksgiving.

16. Visit a corn maze.

17. Go Black Friday shopping.

18. Run a fall themed race.

19. Go apple picking.

20. Cook a new recipe.

21. Walk through a scary graveyard.

22. Go to an amusement park.

23. Visit an Oktoberfest and drink some German beers.

24. Eat your siblings Halloween candy.

25. And record their reaction.

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