Never Post These 7 Things After Getting Engaged

I was fortunate enough to get engaged this May. It was done in Italy, and was a wild and memorable experience.

As you get to the age of possibly popping the question, or answering it, you soon realize the effect social media has on something so precious such as an engagement. For me, you post a cool photo of the two of you after she (hopefully) says yes.

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Girls seem to take it a step further, posting multiple photos, and some close-ups of the ring. That’s fine, but there are certain things you definitely should not do. Here are 7.

1. Don’t brag about the ring size.

Nobody wants to read an overly-materialistic caption about how expensive the ring is. Not everyone is that fortunate, and it’s a bad look.

2. Don’t use 44 different hashtags.

Do the likes really matter that much? The Instagram reach? No need to put 44 hashtags such as #offthemarket in your caption.

3. Don’t post anything on social media before your family and closest friends find out first.

I mean…duh.

4. Info regarding the wedding, if you happen to know the details that quickly.

Let’s save the details for the wedding invite.

5. The same photo 3x.

OK, we get it, you got engaged. Your last three photos on Instagram are all the same, people are now annoyed.

6. Boomerangs of the ring.

Videos and closeups of the ring can be a little too much, right? Show the ring in a Snapchat, a post of you two very happy, but focusing so much on the object isn’t what people want to see the most of.

7. Anything forced.

What is forced? Finding a way to include your ring in every social media post. I’ve seen it. The regular picture you would normally take now always has your ring finger somehow by your face or your Starbucks coffee. People notice this and usually cringe. Oops! I dropped my engagement ring in the salsa, let me take a photo…NO.

Enjoy the engagement the best way possible, together. It’s not about flaunting the size of the ring; that’s not what matters. What matters can’t be put on paper, it’s the bond you two share, enjoy the moment, be as present as you can be because that moment comes and goes in a heartbeat.

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