Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s War With His Uber Rating Was The Highlight Of My Weekend

I’ll admit, I recently found out about the Uber rating and I wasn’t very happy either.

Currently, I’m riding at a solid 4.74, but only after trips and trips worth of dedication and perseverance was I able to work it back up. Call it a comeback story if you want, but if you think anyone can just hop in an Uber and rattle off perfect score after perfect score, you’re sadly mistaken.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. made a career out of being in a car, but from his Uber rating, you wouldn’t know it.

4.0 pretty bad start….

Solid progress…

Still climbing…

3.88? Did you sacrifice a small animal in the back seat? C’mon Dale…

Guaranteed 5 stars…

We still got some work to do, but you turned a 4.0 into a 4.44 in one day. Good, but not great.

Check in later this weekend for round 2 of Dale Jr. vs Uber.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock