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According To 28 Dudes, These 28 Things Women Are Self-Conscious About Guys Actually Love

I think everybody needs to read this.

Men and women everywhere are self-conscious for any number of reasons, but chances are, you probably don’t need to be. This AskReddit thread asked men all over the interwebs “what’s something that women tend to be self-conscious about that you actually find attractive?”

The results were fantastic and, although I didn’t post any of them, many women responded to the thread with positive comments about how wonderful it was to hear that men find x,y, and z attractive.

Here’s what the fellas had to say:

1. Messy hair.


2. An ugly laugh.

“A girl I’m close to RARELY laughs around me because she thinks her laugh is ugly, I personally love her laugh and try extra hard to make her laugh because of the way it makes me feel. She always covers her mouth with both hands so she wouldn’t show her smile. Her smiles make my day every time, so it makes me sad to see her cover her smile.”


3. Being on top.

“When I was ‘on top’ I felt like it was a really unflattering angle, like he might think that I have a double chin or that my big boobs were saggy and not pert enough. I had my arms crossed over my breasts and he pushed my arms aside and said “don’t hide yourself, you’re beautiful” and I also realized that when I was naked on top of him, he wasn’t looking at my chin.”


4. Freckles.

“Freckles. I knew too many girls that thought their freckles were unattractive but I find them irresistible.”


5. Blushing.

“Blushing. I find it really cute when a girl blushes.”


6. Vampire teeth.

“My girlfriend, when she does her “big smile” her super sharp vampire looking fangs come out and god I just melt. Perfect teeth are overrated, healthy but irregular is the way indeed.”


7. Glasses.


8. A girl that can eat.

“One time I watched my girlfriend devour like 8 tacos in one sitting like a fucking animal, and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen her do.”

-Grocery Scanner

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9. Passion.

“Not just females, but most people feel weird about having things they’re super into. My girlfriend gets self conscious about going off on psychology rants because I study engineering. But I find anyone with a passion for anything extremely attractive and admirable.”


10. Downstairs.

“Their vaginas. Most girls are pretty self conscious about how theirs looks. They are fantastic! What’s not to love?”


11. The quiet girl.

“A girl who is really quiet. It makes me feel very comfortable with them, like I don’t have to talk either.”


12. Symmetry.

“My Girlfriend gets worried about her eyebrows not being symmetrical and her Bell’s Palsy caused her smile to drop on one side which I also don’t care about & find attractive.”


13. Honesty.

“Honesty. I think a lot of women feel that if they talk about their negative emotions, they’ll be on the receiving end of a lot of nastiness and/or judgment, or they might get dumped, so they feel self-conscious about being open. All that said, ain’t nothing hotter than an honest woman.”


14. Scars.

“There’s a girl at work who was in a car accident. She has a scar from the tube they had to shove down her throat with a raspy Tara Reid sort of voice from what I assume is the same cause, but fuck me she’s gorgeous. Those things make her prettier to me.”


15. Height, or lack thereof.

“I find both exceptionally tall women and exceptionally short women to be incredibly attractive. I get why women tend to be self-conscious about their height, but it’s not something I would ever change about them.”


16. Thick thighs.

“Thick thighs. For some reason, women are aware that big boobs and butts are attractive, but are completely oblivious to how nice a curvy set of thighs look.”


17. She’s a dork.

“Being dorky in general.”


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18. Imperfect noses.

“I’m a pretty seriously obsessed with girls’ noses. If your nose is too wide, too long, up turned, weirdly flat, or something else so unusual that the language to describe it doesn’t exist, then I’ll probably fall in love on sight.”


19. Love handles.

“They’re called “Love” handles for a reason.”


20. Small boobs.

“Heh my girl keeps whining about that, but I love it honestly. They’re cute boobs.”


21. No makeup.

“I have always loved when my gfs didn’t wear their makeup, they are much more beautiful in their natural state. However, I’m aware that makeup is something that dudes tend to misunderstand, so I will say that I do admire and appreciate the time and effort ladies put in to presenting themselves.”


22. Snorting.

“Snorting when they laugh. So. Fucking. Adorable.”


23. Big boobs.

“Big boobs, I don’t mind sagging, veins or stretch marks as long as they’re natural.”


24. Being one of the guys.

“Being too good/bad at sports when hanging with the guys. If you’re bad at basketball or whatever, it’s cute, and if you’re good, it’s cool.”


25. Tall

“Being tall. Tall women are super hot.”


26. No tan.

“Pale skin is the best! Don’t go tan, that doesn’t help anyone.”


27. Shyness.

“I find myself liking shy girls a lot. Gives me more incentive to talk and get closer.”


28. Smarts.

“A lot of women seem to unfortunately seem self-conscious about being intelligent. Like, you don’t have to act like an idiot around me. If you like astronomy, talk about astronomy. If you like Greek philosophy, talk about Greek philosophy. Not only can I keep up (usually), but I tend to find it attractive that a woman can keep up her end of an intelligent conversation.”


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