Canaan Smith Hospitalized After Experiencing Major Dehydration And Stomach Pain

Poor Canaan.

Country artist Canaan Smith shares with fans that he was hospitalized on Tuesday (Aug. 23) because he “came down with something fierce.”

The “Like You That Way” singer shares the details of his health scare on his Instagram page.

“Where do I start? I missed bus call Tuesday night cause I came down with something fierce…lost all body fluids and felt like a knife was being twisted around in my stomach.”

Well, that doesn’t sound fun. But it didn’t stop him from showing up and performing for his fans. Yesterday (Aug. 24) was the singer’s 35th birthday and he took that time to heal up for his show that night.

“For the record, I will ALWAYS give you everything I’ve got. Thanks for the support, Pennsylvania. And thanks to the fine medics/nurses/doctors at State College for taking care of me. Waking up feeling much better on my birthday ?See ya tonight, Delaware.”

Now that’s what I call dedication. 

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