For A Small Fortune You Can Get 24 Hour Surveillance To Help You Fix Your Out Of Control Kids

I’m starting to hate the world. This is a real thing.

If you want to shell out a small fortune, the folks at Cognition Builders can apparently have child behavior experts watch your entire family 24/7 and recommend solutions for fixing your out of control kids. Really?

You know what I’d be willing to bet my life savings and left testicle on? Not one of these kids ever got spanked a day in their life. For 25 bucks and a trip to Kohls, you can get this thing called a belt and save yourself 89,975 dollars. Don’t get me wrong, I’m advocating child abuse or beating your kids, but show me a spoiled rotten little brat and I’ll show you some marshmallow soft parents that never discipline their kids.

My generation, my parents generation, their parents generation all got a good belt spanking every now and then and we all turned out fine. I say we bring it back.

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