18 Times Eric Church Proved He Was The Baddest Man In Country Music

It’s no secret that Eric Church is one of the baddest dudes in the business.

If you have ever seen him live, then you know how hard he brings it on stage. He just has a knack for doing everything a little bigger, a little better and whole lot more melt your face off-er. I’ve never seen the movie “I Am Legend,” but if it isn’t about Eric Church then I don’t want to. End of discussion.

In case you need the proof, here’s 18 times that Eric Church was a total badass.

1. That time he stuck a loaded gun and a loaded bottle right in the camera’s face.


2. That time he went deer hunting with nothing but his bare hands.


3. That time he did the Ice Bucket Challenge with a freakin’ tractor.


4. That time he bombed an airplane bottle of Jack and didn’t spill a drop.


5. That time he screamed ‘AMERICA’ at the top of his lungs.


6. That time she threatened to leave and he gave her the Heisman.

7. That time it was last call and he said “last call is when I’m done playing.”

8. That time Rascal Flatts told him to chill and he just stared them down.


9. That time he “smoked a little smoke” in a Toby Keith music video.

Toby Keith Red Solo Cup Unedited Version YouTube

10. That time he stole an entire pallet of beer.

11. That time he casually played a game of softball with his guitar… and won!


12. That time he brought a giant devil to his live show.


13. That time Jack Daniels thought it was gonna kick his ass and he just laughed in its face.


14. That time he brought visors back just because he could.

15. That time he walked through his Hall of Fame exhibit and said “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”


16. That time he kept it real with the fans.

17. That time he went Stone Cold Steve Austin on a couple Bud Lights.


18. That time he decided to go on tour alone and play a 3+ hour set.

Oooh that’s a bad man.

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