You Can Choose To Be Happy

Life gives you many choices, but of all the choices; choose to be happy.

Life has an opportunity to be something that is wonderfully inspiring; if you make it that way. I don’t think my mom ever told me that life would be easy. If anything, she told me that life would be tough, but that I was tougher.

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Each day is filled with challenges, struggles, and disappointing moments. In those moments you question where you’re going and what you’re doing. At the end of the day you look back and wonder how you even got home because you’re surprised you survived. There are moments when you stop and wonder, “what the hell am I doing here”. Moments when you just want to drop everything and walk away. You want to give up and start over. You want to give everyone a piece of your mind, which is usually enhanced with a unique variety and combination of swear words. You want to walk out of the building with smirk and a “fuck you”. You want to go home and wallow in your misery and forget about your responsibilities.

The thing is, you have a choice. You can be consumed, distracted, and overwhelmed with everything negative, hostile, passive-aggressive, and condescending that assaults you throughout the day. You can let it change your mood, affect your mindset, and control your emotions. OR….. you can choose to be happy.

You have the option to look at all the negative crap that made you stumble all day long. Or you can focus on the one, small thing that made you smile. It doesn’t have to be big. Hell it can be the fact that you actually made it through the day without crying. Personally, I look for the small things that remind me that I’m human. The things that make this life worth living. A small success after a few days of challenges; a funny looking cloud; strong coffee; a random, yet perfect song that popped onto your Pandora station; a cookie; a compliment from a stranger; a cold beer at the end of the day; a call or text from a friend; a random picture that made you smile; how clearly you can see the stars and the moon; a day closer to something that you’re looking forward to; sometimes, it’s just how good your bed feels at the end of the day.

It’s not easy to make the choice to be happy, but it’s worth it. Sometimes you just need to take a step away from the world and find a way to recharge yourself. Get lost in the woods; find a trail no one has been on, and claim it for your happy place; unplug from the world and “forget” to turn your phone back on; blast music so loud the neighbors wonder what kind of person you are; go for a barefoot walk through the grass; go for a run; don’t be scared to scream, shout, and stop your foot. The world tells us it’s not okay to be mad, but that’s not true. It’s okay to be mad, but it’s not okay to stay mad. Let go of your anger so that you can move forward from it. If you hold onto it, it will destroy you and consume you until you don’t recognize the person you’ve become.

You’re going to face challenges in your life, it’s inevitable. However, you have the choice about how you’re going to react to those challenges. There may be people who tell you you’re not being realistic. They might try to drag you down into their destructive, bullshit drama and frame of mind. They might smile at you with a condescending, judgmental smirk. They might tell you that you’re “dreaming” or “not facing reality”. But honestly, realistically, you can choose to take a chaos and reframe it to something constructive. It doesn’t mean you’re ignoring the shit that’s come your way. It means that you’re willing to accept it, embrace it, and overcome it; despite others telling you that you don’t stand a chance.

Choose to smile, choose to laugh, and choose to be happy.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock