Whiskey Riff Premiere: Watch Bowen’s “All I Ever Do” Lyric Video

Meet Bowen.

I’m going to call them a Whiskey Riff name to know. Here’s a quote about their new song “All I Ever Do” and some fun facts about the piano used to make the lyrics video.

“The production of the song may make it feel light and fun, but the true sentiment of the song is anything but. The song was originally written as a much slower ballad. The video is so simple but it’s in my handwriting and the cards are sitting on the piano that I wrote the song on. It’s the closest thing to watching the song being written. I actually found it on Craigslist in East Nashville. It was like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. No one wanted it and he was considering just throwing it away. But the second I saw it I felt like every paint chip and dent was designed specifically for me. I couldn’t have hired an artist to do it better. It plays and sounds incredible. I feel like all my piano playing heroes (Billy Joel, Randy Newman, Jackson Browne, Chris Martin) wrote a bunch of songs on pianos like this. “

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock