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Why You Should Date The Girl That Prefers An Ice Cold Beer

Is she the one? Well, if she drinks beer you’re on the right track. The beer drinking girl tops ’em all.

Here’s why…

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13. Carbs?

She doesn’t worry about carbs.

12. She’s a cheap date.

No $18 glasses of Rosé here.

11. She probably likes country music.

You see all those girls drinking vodka sodas at country festivals? Oh yeah, didn’t think so.

10. They’re low maintenance.

When they say they don’t give a shit, they genuinely don’t give a shit. These are the girls who are not phased by much, and approach most situations with nonchalance. Their expectations are not high, and it doesn’t take much to make these girls happy.

9. They can hang with the guys.

Guys love beer. It is cheap, and comes in copious amounts. It is not a get together without a case. Guys bond over beer; add girls to the mix, and it turns into a party.

8. They love sports.

A sporting event is an excuse to drink beer, therefore this rare breed of female loves sports by default. Football season equates to tailgating, and basketball season means bars.

7. They’re active and like to work out.

Beer has more calories than liquor. It sucks, I know. But, it is also forces girls to work out more to ensure they don’t fall victim to beer belly syndrome, unlike us guys..

6. They know what they like.

Beer girls have favorites, (Blue Moon), and similar to their beverages, beer girls are usually decisive when it comes to what they prefer in other areas.

5. They’re (usually) not the drunk criers.

It is highly unlikely that a beer girl will be found in a bathroom corner crying about an ex-boyfriend. Beer girls are the ones dancing on the bars, not snuggled up next to the toilet before midnight.

4. They’re independent.

They exhibit a level of confidence and assertion, simply because they are so laid back that they can get along with guys and girls. They are comfortable in their own skin, and therefore do whatever makes them happy. They aren’t afraid to break the norm.

3. They don’t like drama.

Why fight when you can settle things over some wings and beer? But, actually…

2. They know how to drink.

Just because they prefer beer, doesn’t mean they can’t take pulls. Beer is usually consumed in casual settings, therefore, they are used to drinking without becoming belligerent.


Beer can be sipped, chugged, bonged, shotgunned, consumed upside down, and used for games. If you like beer, you like fun. These girls get it.

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A beer bottle on a dock