Whiskey Riff Exclusive: Jason Eady’s “Black Jesus” Is Just What The World Needs To Hear Right Now

After a weekend of some of the highest racial tension I’ve seen in my lifetime, Jason Eady’s “Black Jesus” couldn’t be more appropriate.

Country or blues, black or white, the lesson here is that no matter where you come from or what kind of music you like to play, we are all the same. A lesson America desperately needs to hear right now.

Here’s what Jason had to say about the powerful song:

“I always say that this song is the most personal song that I didn’t write. I first heard Channing Wilson play it in a late night after hours song swap in Nashville a few years ago.  It’s a song that Channing wrote with Patrick Davis. As soon as I heard it I was blown away. Not only is it a great song but I had a very similar experience when I was growing up. When I was 15 years old and learning how to play guitar, I started taking lessons from an old blues man in Mississippi named JC Cannon. Even though we played two different styles of music, it all connected. He taught me things about music that are still a very big part of what I do today. After the lessons were over, we would sit on his porch and talk for hours. It was a time that I’ve never forgotten and I always meant to write about it. When I heard Channing play the song I knew that he had said everything I wanted to say and in an incredibly well-crafted way. I’m very proud to have been able to record this song and have it on the album.”

Click here to download Jason Eady’s self-titled album on iTunes.

Photo credit: Anthony Barlich

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