MLB Players Weekend Nickname Jerseys Are Out. Here’s 30 Of Our Favorites

The weekend of August 25th to the 27th the MLB players have the chance to wear nicknames on the back of their jerseys as a tribute to the Little League World Series.

Not all players are participating but the ones who are have some pretty awesome nicknames.

Here is the list of the best nickname jerseys for each team:

Arizona Diamondbacks

Chris Herrmann – “Hermm The Worm” – I have no idea where this nickname came from but it’s made me laugh out loud thinking of the announcers calling a double by him.

Atlanta Braves

Brandon Phillips – “Dat Dude” – I am a big fan of his and if you’ve ever seen him turn a double play you know he is “dat dude” with the glove.

Baltimore Orioles

Chris Davis – “Crush” – Crush is just the perfect nickname for him, when he hits the ball, it’s usually crushed for a home run.

Boston Red Sox

Dustin Pedroia – “Laser Show” – If you don’t know where this nickname comes from look it up, it’s hilarious and he certainly brings the laser show with the bat and the glove.

Chicago Cubs

Javier Baez – “El Mago” – Translates to “The Magician” which is very fitting because when you watch him play the field he’ll leave you amazed and wondering how he did what he just did.

Chicago White Sox

Yoan Moncada – “Yo Yo” – I have no clue where this nickname comes from but I like it.

Cincinnati Reds

Tim Adleman – “The Microwave” – Again, no clue where this nickname comes from but if I had to guess he has the ability to get warm quick if he’s needed? Regardless, hilarious nickname.

Cleveland Indians

Andrew Miller – “Miller Time” – I mean, come on. What a great nickname. If Miller Lite doesn’t get an endorsement deal with this guy that’s a huge miss.

Colorado Rockies

Charlie Blackmon – “Chuck Nazty” –Simply put, he’s nasty and this nickname rocks.

Detroit Tigers

Ian Kinsler – “Bootsie” – Another nickname I have no idea where it comes from but it makes me think of Boardwalk Empire and that’s a great show.

Houston Astros

Brian Giles – “100 Miles Giles” – This guy hits 100 on the radar gun regularly and this nickname is awesome.

Kansas City Royals

Mike Moustakas – “Moose” – If I am being honest the Royals nicknames as a whole stink but this was the best.

Los Angeles Angels

Albert Pujols – “The Machine” – I have always loved this nickname and its fitting for Pujols.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Chase Utley – “The Silver Fox” – First of all, Chase Utley is still in the league!? Who knew? But thinking of all the younger guys on the Dodgers calling him the Silver Fox is great.

Miami Marlins

Jarlin Garcia – “Jarlin the Marlin” – If you don’t find the fact that this is the nickname he picked to be on his jersey then I don’t know what to tell you. This is hilarious.

Milwaukee Brewers

Travis Shaw – “Mayor-DDC” – Short for “Mayor of Ding Dong City” which is a nickname that came with him from the Red Sox. Love the nickname.

Minnesota Twins

Tyler Duffey – “The Doof” – Not sure why this one made me laugh as hard as it did but I like it.

New York Mets

Noah Syndergaard – “Thor” – One of the best nicknames in all of baseball. The guy looks just like Thor.

New York Yankees

Aaron Hicks – “A-A-Ron” – Paying homage to the hilarious Key and Peele skit. If you haven’t seen it look it up.

Oakland Athletics

Blake Treinen – “B-Lockay” – Also paying homage to the Key and Peele skit. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, go look it up right now.

Philadelphia Phillies

Andrew Knapp – “Knapp Time” – Just a great nickname. I mean, who doesn’t love naps?

Pittsburgh Pirates

Ivan Nova – “Super Nova” – Cool nickname, not many others stood out.

San Diego Padres

Luis Torrens – “Churro” – I don’t know how he got the nickname, but I love churros so he won by default.

San Francisco Giants

Madison Bumgarner – “Mad Bum” – Not many good choices here but I’ve always been a fan of this one.

Seattle Mariners

Kyle Seager – “Corey’s Brother” – Easily the best jersey of the whole league. His much younger brother is a star on the Dodgers and is more known than he is. Big kudos to Kyle for this.

St. Louis Cardinals

Carlos Martinez – “Tsunami” – No clue where the nickname came from but I know he has a charity to help with Tsunami relief. A fan of the nickname.

Tampa Bay Rays

Kevin Kiermaier – “Outlaw” – Cool nickname and he can pretty much rob you of any hit that is within a 10 mile radius like an outlaw robs a bank.

Texas Rangers

AJ Griffin – “Sweet Lettuce” – His hair is long and like the nickname says, sweet. A+ nickname.

Toronto Blue Jays

Josh Donaldson – “Bringer of Rain” – He mashes the ball and “brings rain” with his home run shots.

Washington Nationals

Max Scherzer – “Blue Eye” – Probably my second favorite of all the nicknames. He has one blue eye and the other is black. Great nickname.

Ok, here’s that Key & Peele skit. You’re welcome.

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