16 Women Share Their First Date Red Flags That Prove He’s A Total Loser

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Dating can be hard.

We’ve all heard first date horror stories, but what are the biggest red flags when it comes to dating a guy where you just know he’s a total loser. Obviously, being rude to the waiter or kicking a puppy would be grounds for elimination, but what are some of the “not so obvious ones?”

Here’s what 16 women had to say:

1. “He won’t ask questions about me. Directs all conversation to himself.”

2. “Constantly texting/playing on their phone is a big one. Hate hate hate it.”

3. “I had a great text conversation with a guy about grilling ribs. When we went out it was more about grilling ribs. I threw out a few topics hoping for some variety. He steered it back to grilling ribs. He was nice, but I think he just wasn’t a good conversationalist…. at all.”

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4. “My mom set me up once. He talked about my mom the whole time and then gave me pointers on how to be more like my mom since I stayed quiet. I told him I was more like my dad and ended the date. Don’t tell me how I need to change and don’t crush on my mom. Ew.”

5. “Pedestaling. I went on a number of dates with guys from online dating and I found that very quickly they got this view of ‘Omg your a vagina and you like video games and you’re out on a date with me I LOVE YOU’ stupidly quickly.”

6. “Went out with a guy once who told the waiter to cancel my sushi order (but kept his) without asking me. Changing/canceling someone’s order is indicative of bigger, uglier control issues. Oh, and he ran up an 80 dollar bar tab there and “forgot his wallet.” Urgh.”

7. Careless driver. Speeding, tailgating, road raging, or just generally making you feel unsafe as his passenger.

8. “Fucker orders for me, gives me a water and a half portion of chicken ceasar. Then he gives me this smug smile and says something like “ever had someone just take control like that? I know what you like, it comes naturally to me.””

9. “All my ex girlfriends were crazy”

10. He said: “No wonder that you got promoted. You are a woman, it is so much easier for you. You have no idea how hard for a man to get a manager position. You have the vagina power.”

11. “First guy immediately insulted my profession. I’m going into the medical field, and I had recently gone to the emergency room due to an injury. He insulted western medicine as a whole and insisted I use Neosporin and herbs from whole foods on my injury. What the actual fuck?”

12. “I was telling a retail horror story of mine and in reference to the people I was dealing with he said “I know exactly what demographic your talking about.” In other words he was being racist, but not wanting to outright say it.”

13. “Bragging about material possessions.”

14. “The weird compliment format that goes “Has anyone ever told you you’re really special?” or “You might not hear this much, but I think you’re really pretty.” Like, no, you can’t establish rapport with me by setting up an us-against-the-world narrative. You are not the first human to notice that I’m worthwhile. Ugh.”

15. “Being a cheapskate – I don’t expect someone to drop hundreds of dollars on a first date. But if we agree to go to a certain place, and they make negative comments about the menu prices.”

16. “Assuming that I’m DTF after the first date. Like, we just met – no, I don’t want to jump into bed with you, don’t assume that I would.”

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

Source: AskReddit

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