Jenna Paulette Is About To Be Your New Favorite #GirlBoss With Her “Coolest Girl In The World” Campaign

When you’re breaking into the music scene, every song counts, but for newcomer Jenna Paulette, it’s not just about a number on the charts, it’s about making a difference.

Jenna is set to release her debut single ‘Coolest Girl in the World’ on August 28th, and she’s teamed up with Los Angeles-based organization Step Up to make sure every girl, no matter what their background, is empowered to become “confident, college-bound, and career-focused” through a series of 30-second clips of prominent and inspirational women discussing what makes them feel like the “coolest girl in the world.” Hell yeah for girl power.

I absolutely adore this campaign idea, and I’m so excited for it to launch, and to get to hear Jenna’s unique “new west” sound on her upcoming project. In the meantime, we’re getting to hear a little taste of Jenna’s new music with the release of several live performance videos, including a personal favorite, “Shooting Stars”.

“I wrote shooting stars after a conversation with Ashley Gorley, who mentored me in songwriting. He said, ‘Jenna, I want to write something that has been said a million times, but say it in a new way.’ I sat with that, and as I was looking through a magazine, I found an editorial that was titled ‘Shooting Stars.’ I started thinking of new ways to talk about shooting stars, and came up with the concept of a girl wasting all her wishes and heart on a guy – and none of those wishes coming true. I had been through something similar and channeled all of my emotion into the story, writing the song in 30 minutes via Skype with writer Jordan Reynolds. I love it when a song and story come that easily…”

Stay tuned for the launch of the “Coolest Girl in the World” video series, which will feature everyone from a female fighter pilot, to Erin Oprea (celebrity trainer to Carrie Underwood, Lauren Alaina, Kelsea Ballerini), to Marla Sokoloff (Stephanie’s best friend on Full House) and to make it even better, a portion of the proceeds will be going to help more girls go through the Step Up program. It doesn’t get any better than good music and a good cause.

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