The 6 Best Artists To Listen To Regardless of Your Mood

I have different music for different moods, typically.

For example, hungover = slow acoustic stuff. There’s nothing wrong with having your go-to artist for a specific mood, but there’s something special about that artist that can be played anytime, anywhere.

So, what moods and environments am I talking about? Well, during a workout, while drinking, while working at your desk, during heartbreak, when you’re single, and and when you’ve found the one. These are just a handful, but I think you see where I’m going for this…

For me, these are the 6 best artists to listen to, regardless of mood, or environment. These special performers have a song, and vibe, for everything.

6. Jon Pardi

As a fairly new artist, Jon has quickly made a name for himself with his completely original take on country music. He can slow it down, or crank it up. There’s no bullshit with an artist like this; it’s the type of music others will copy, but you can’t copy genuine.

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5. Tim & Faith

I had to put these two together here as one. From the 90’s until today, they have released songs that last you a lifetime and continue to put on an amazing live show.

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4. Miranda Lambert

One of the best we’ve ever seen, simply put. Her writing is on another level, taking emotions you can’t describe and putting them into a song you remember forever.

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3. Chris Stapleton

Country as country can be with lyrics that pierce the soul.

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2. Kip Moore

Kip tells it like it is, and that comes across in the music. It’s honest, real, and far from cookie-cutter. He didn’t sell his soul to make #1s that didn’t connect, he made (and is making) music that means something more. It gets you through dark times, but also makes you smile. Great workout music, too.

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1. Eric Church

Eric just wrapped up a legendary tour, playing 3-hour sets every night. He has stuck to his guns over the years putting out music that tugs on every emotion imaginable. He’s in his prime, and it’s only going to get better.

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