Beer Pong And Corn Hole Had A Love Child And It Might Be The Best Tailgate Game Ever Created

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about drinking, it’s that it can be way more fun when there are games involved. We’ve all been to those parties where we sit around awkwardly sipping and not really sure what to do with our hands. Nothing gets a good time going like a good old fashioned party game.

There’s beer pong, Beersbee, F*ck the Dealer, Quarters, Irish Poker and a lot of other classics out there. When it comes to outdoor games, is there anything better than holding a corn hole bag in one hand and a ice cold beer in the other? Nope.

The geniuses over at Beer Pong Golf came up with quite an invention that combines two of your favorite activities in one epic game.

So far, the boards have been designed in multiple team choices including NCAA and the NFL. Head on over to their project’s website and buy a board or two for yourself. Estimated delivery is in October, so I’d recommend you get your order in ASAP. Who wouldn’t want this for football season?