Here’s Why You Should Never Drink Beer Out of a Frosted Pint Glass

Well shit…

I used to always think the frosted pint glass was a simple, and great, way to serve your beer ice cold. Almost to the point of a slushy. However, science says you should always say “NO” to the frosted pint glass.

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Richard Easterby of Craft Conundrum in Charleston, South Carolina, says the frost instantly kills a beer’s carbonation and flavor. “There is an epidemic going on out there,” he says. “People with frosted pint glasses — this does nothing for your beer.”

Easterby says a beer loses about 80% of its carbonation the moment it touches the frosted glass. According to drinks journalist and beer judge John Holl, a lack of carbonation is detrimental to the enjoyment of a beer.

“Carbonation is the spark of beer, it delivers aroma effectively stirring it whilst you drink. It contributes to mouthfeel and its existence (or lack of) can help to establish a brew in its proper category,” Holl wrote.

Easterby adds that to get the most flavor out of an American craft beer, it needs to be served at a warmer temperature than you might expect. He says a good rule of thumb is 48-50 degrees Fahrenheit for IPAs, 55 degrees for stouts, and 65 degrees for sours.

Well, if you didn’t know, now you know. I think we can all agree a flat beer sucks.

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A beer bottle on a dock